What it means to have a specialist help your company’s staff to be both healthy and well

It does not matter what the size of your company is. You can be a small to medium sized enterprise still experiencing relatively positive stages of growth. You could be a nationwide or global player with a larger than average staff component to help your company manage its busy schedules of servicing clients’ needs and meeting quarterly financial targets. But along the way, from one financial year to the next, there are always slippages.

One of the biggest costs to companies is that of staff absenteeism where staff call in sick unexpectedly at a critical time of the business week. When that happens, staff supervisors have to work under pressure to ensure that daily and weekly targets are met. This puts a strain on remaining staff members, also negatively impacting on their occupational health and wellness and potentially leading to some of them breaking down as well.

Positively speaking and going forward, this can be avoided in a heartbeat. Such levels of staff absenteeism can no longer be tolerated by your business because it is negatively impacting your company’s bottom line.  In order to save on those financial losses, you need to be prepared to outsource certain services. You will save exponentially when you allow an occupational health and wellness specialist to monitor your staff’s wellbeing and ensure that they remain in peak condition to serve your company’s needs.

You will always be provided with regular feedback from your outsourced consultant. There will be occasions when the feedback is critical and it will be recommended that you make some adjustments to working conditions. Feedback is never a negative reflection on you and your business but always a proactive process to help improve working conditions and the potential to profit across the board.